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Active Trader Pro

Information Architecture: Fidelity Active Trader Pro

Active Trader Pro personal investing UX/UI.

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l.l.bean homepage

Information Architecture: L.L.Bean

Various projects focusing on architecture, solutions, usability and user experience.

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toyota north america

Information Architecture: Toyota North America

Principle Information Architect for the Dealer Daily internal portal redesign project

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Information Architecture: PennState University site architecture and user experience design for PennState University

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Information Architecture:

Puggernaut is a social networking platform for gamers.

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I am a Principal Information Architect and User Experience Specialist with experience at TIAA CREF, Fidelity Investments, L.L. Bean, Toyota, Penn State and elsewhere. I've created research-based online solutions involving differentiated user flows and wireframes that strategically leverage new technology. Projects span financial services, e-commerce, portal and standard sites. I have a solid background in web design and development.


About Me


Since I was a kid I’ve been thinking up new ideas and tinkering around with them.  I love to concept, to plan, design… lead.  I love the rewards that come from interacting with others as we help each other and grow stronger.

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