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Everyone has a story

As best friends since the fourth grade, we’ve seen each other through our share of personal challenges: death, divorce, breakups, and moving multiple times in New York City.  We thought: there has got to be an easier way to manage unexpected life circumstances.

As the daughter of a divorce attorney, Lindsay grew up around divorce and separation as commonplace; watching her late mother guide her clients into their next phase.  Her mother believed, as we do, that on the other side of a challenging situation, there is opportunity to lead a better life.

But first, we’ve got to get you through it.

It is in my mother’s legacy that we introduce this service.

We all know someone who has been through this - maybe their own personal heartbreak or taking care of a friend through the hard times.


Lindsay Meck & Mika Leonard,


P.S. Thanks to our parents, our partners, and our pals for their support.  And to our exes - you’ve made us stronger and smarter.


Let's rebuild together

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