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A New Happily Ever After: Small Steps to Create Love and Life Post-Loss and Heartbreak

This week's guest blogger is Hana Dunham, a Robbins-Madanes Certified Relationship Coach based in Connecticut. Over the years, as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Coach, she has been a support to many who have been subject to the pain and heartbreak of relationship loss. Her personal and professional experiences have inspired her to help others. She brings us her insights to the Onward community today.

When you marry, you think it’s going to last forever. Thus, when it ends, your very foundation is shaken and there may be unresolved feelings of grief, sadness, and anger.

Although divorce is very common today, most women still feel alone after divorce. While every woman’s story is different, there are often common problems. You may struggle with trying to manage everything by yourself, from finances to balancing parenting responsibilities and work schedules. It’s also important to create time for yourself to reclaim your unique life and tend to your healing journey from the loss of your relationship.

Your story is not over

Right after the divorce, you may find support from family and friends. But all too often, the support drops off quickly as time passes. Although the statistics for divorce today are probably higher than ever before, women are still being shamed, judged, and marginalized when they go through this painful process. The combination of cultural stigma and the disconnection between the life you knew and the life you have now, may increase your struggle and feelings of overwhelm.

Eventually you begin to move toward acceptance but that is not enough to fully reclaim your happy. What about truly caring for yourself and reigniting feelings of joy, happiness, and desire?

While there are many steps on your journey to empowerment and self love, one beginning step is to create your own powerful INTENTION. This will shift your energy and call in your new vision.

The following is a guide for you to help you create your intention:

- Give yourself the gift of time and space to create your own powerful intention and then write it down.

- Write your intention in the present tense and keep it positive

- Work to keep the intention statement to one sentence; this makes it easy to remember

- Remember, your intention statement does not have to be perfect

- Place your intention statement on post-it's and put around your home, desk, car, etc to magnify your intention

- Have fun with it!!

Here is an example to help guide you:

“My intention is to create a loving relationship that manifests respect, cooperation, kindness, harmony and love."

Your turn!

Reaching out for support from a Relationship Coach who specializes in divorce can help you get past the isolation and overwhelm faster than if you tried to do it alone. Hana Dunham offers support and inspirational strategies to empower you on your healing journey to create the life and love you desire. The above step is only one step from her "5 Steps to Reclaiming Your Happy After Divorce." To download her free guide, please visit her website.

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