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A "Quik Favor" is now just that

At Onward, we are always delighted to learn about other small businesses dedicated to making the lives of their customers easier, healthier, and more fulfilling. This week's Q&A is with Quik Favor, an on demand app for concierge errands and pickups. Quik Favor started as an idea after founder Shanna Scott found herself managing the challenges of a sick parent far from home and relying on her mother's neighbors and friends for a "quick favor." Now Quik Favor helps folks in the Los Angeles area with anything and everything - from running errands, medical drop-offs, or grocery purchases. "People helping people" is at the core of their mission.

Onward: What made you think to start Quik Favor?

QF: After my own personal experience I have found that is a very common occurrence. There are families out there who don't even have people they can call on for favors and it just made me think, well why not start something that would provide families with the assistance and convenience they need? 

Quik Favor is available for rides and pickups in the LA area

Onward: What are some services people can contact Quik Favor for?

QF: Everything! We offer delivery of pre-paid orders, event assistance, running errands and specialized transportation for medical treatments and doctors appointments.

Onward: Where are your services located? QF: Being an app based concierge service, we are able to provide services nationwide. Although, we are currently the most active in Los Angeles, California. We do have drivers in other major cities. 

Onward: Are all services ad hoc or do you have packages?

QF: We provide both ad hoc and monthly memberships. After an initial consultation with a business or client, pricing is then tailored to the services being requested. 

Onward: In today's ever-busy world, some day-to-day tasks can feel overwhelming.  What are some ways Quik Favor is going above and beyond to help?

QF: We always take into consideration our economy and the financial strain that is present with most families. Almost all of our elderly population is on a fixed income as well. Quite simply, we work with our customers and allow flexible payment options as well discounts to some of our services.  One of our core values speaks to “having a heart for service” so we do our best to make sure we are able to assist anyone who “needs a favor.”

To download QuikFavor, visit their website:

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