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Pressing Reset with Adventure Travel

Craving new horizons? Travel can be a great way of moving on and finding fresh headspace in the aftermath of a messy break-up. Here with 5 reasons why you should try a group adventure, boutique travel company and Onward partner, Flash Pack – who curate unique and spectacular trips for solo travelers in their 30s and 40s, all around the world. Discover their trips at and find out more about their global community on Instagram

Abseiling Table Mountain in Cape Town (Photo courtesy of Flash Pack)

1. Gain some perspective

They say you can’t run away from your problems, but sometimes physical distance can be a huge help. From the moment you step on the plane to your adventure abroad, you’re moving outside your usual environment – and all the memories and painful associations that brings. You’re venturing into new territory, physically and emotionally. And you’re not alone: your new group of solo travelers will be with you every step of the way.

2. Make new friends

Around 80% of Flash Pack travelers are single, but our adventures are about friendship rather than dating. Travelers join our trips for all kinds of reasons, and there’s no pressure to be super-social or gregarious. Instead, this is a chance to celebrate your newfound freedom in the company of like-minded people, of a similar age and life stage to you. Join on your own terms, however life finds you, and you’ll soon feel right at home.

Flashpackers on African Safari (Photo courtesy of Flash Pack)

3. Unwind and revive

You’ve been through a rough time, so you really deserve some TLC. Flash Pack takes all the organisation elements of a trip out of your hands; you don’t have to think about a thing. We firmly believe in adventure with a touch of luxe, which means beautiful hotels with rooftop bars and pools, and moments designed to surprise and delight – such as glamping out on a secret beach in the Philippines, or sundowners in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Simply rock up and prepare to be wowed.

4. Stretch your limits

Flash Pack adventures have nothing to do with bland coach trips or hand-holding, and everything to do with pushing your comfort zone. When you’re abseiling down Table Mountain in South Africa, or hiking the Himalayan hills, you’ll be fully in the moment. You won’t have time to dwell on your break-up, even if you wanted to. And by tackling these formidable challenges, you’ll achieve things you never imagined possible – which is fuel for your dented self-esteem.

5. Rediscover your purpose

All relationships involve an element of compromise. And for months, or maybe years, you’ve been meeting your partner in the middle. Post break-up travel is a chance to find out what YOU like doing, outside the defining presence of your ex – and away from all the distractions and demands of everyday life. With fresh company and a different setting to spark inspiration, we guarantee that you’ll be brimming with ideas and ambitions for a whole new chapter in your life in no time.

Sailing the Philippines (Photo courtesy of Teha Kennard)

Tempted to join a group adventure? Jump aboard at Flash Pack

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