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Therapy vs. Coaching: Looking to your past or motivating your future?

We are thrilled to share the news that Octave, a favorite therapy and wellness resource is opening the doors to a second New York location in the Flatiron District. Non-New Yorkers, never fear - they offer remote sessions as well. We at Onward are such fans of what they do - from coaching to classes to therapy - that we wanted to do a deeper dive and share their unique approach. To schedule a free consultation with Octave, or learn more, visit

Coaching vs. Therapy: Which Approach Will Best Suit Your Needs?

What is Octave Therapy? Octave Therapy consists of weekly 45-minute sessions that are held in-person. We offer several different types of evidence-based therapy approaches, including behavioral, mindfulness-based and relational modalities. We tailor therapy to your unique values, needs, and goals and match you with the right therapist with a specialization suited to you. By providing a safe, solution-focused, collaborative, therapeutic relationship, therapy aims to go in-depth, empowering you with tools to learn, practice, and experience new and more satisfying ways of relating to yourself, others, and the world around you.

What is Octave Coaching? Octave Coaching is a collaborative 1:1 relationship that focuses on supporting you in defining and achieving your goals, personally and emotionally. Sessions are 30-minutes and can be done virtually. Rather than delving into the past, your coach will help you take an honest look at what is happening in the present with actionable steps to help you move forward productively, equipping you with skills and tools that you can use in your everyday life to feel better now, as well as bring you closer to where you want to be.

What is the difference between Octave Therapy and Octave Coaching?  Based on your unique situation, goals, and budget, our Octave expert will recommend a custom approach for you. However, ultimately the decision of Therapy vs. Coaching is a personal choice.

Therapy helps you focus on internal processes that drive behavior and can address a wider range of issues. It is particularly important for addressing any struggles that are interfering with your days. If you’re looking for reflection and processing of the past or deeper, more emotional awareness and support, we recommend seeking Octave Therapy.

On the other hand, Octave Coaching can help you identify strengths and areas for growth, and help you design and set goals that support improving your emotional well-being. Coaching is designed to fit seamlessly into your day through 30-minute sessions, whether in-person or virtually. If you would like to work on specific areas in your present-day and create actionable goals, Octave Coaching would be a great fit for you.

Coaching offers an opportunity to evaluate your current situation and create actionable goals

Can I do therapy and coaching at the same time? Absolutely! We feel that using both therapy and coaching can help foster quick and more lasting change. Additionally, in some instances, we may offer coaching as a follow-up for patients seeing one of our therapists.

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