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"This, Too, Shall Pass" and Other Breakup Lessons from My Mother, the Divorce Attorney

This week we spoke to Divorced Girl Smiling's Creator and Editor-In-Chief, Jackie Pilossoph. Divorced Girl Smiling is an active online community of support and resources for folks going through relationship transitions. Their columnists tackle the realities of emotions, finances, and legal concerns with thoughtful, straight-forward advice. We are fans of their content and their honesty.

Onward CEO/Co-Founder Lindsay Meck shared her "Top Ten Breakup Lessons I Learned From My Mother, A Divorce Attorney" on the DGS blog. The piece, which can be read here, distills Lindsay's learnings (by osmosis:) of her mother's 33-year legal career. Her mother passed in 2014 after committing her livelihood to helping her clients navigate a complex, emotional, and life-changing process as seamlessly as possible.

Lindsay and her mother, the late Kathy Ellison

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